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If you were in an accident, report it immediately to your Insurance Provider: Payments and Claims

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Auto Insurance FAQ

Have some concerns about your coverage? QuoteHaven’s got the answers for commonly asked questions about Auto Insurance. 

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Most likely. In addition to your driving history, monthly premiums are calculated on the value and model of your car. If you sold your old pickup truck for a brand new Mustang, your Insurance Provider assumes that you are more likely to have an accident in your new sports car.

An SR-22 Form is a certificate of insurance; typically required by the state after you’re convicted for a DUI. It shows the state that you are taking responsibility for your driving, and will continue to obey the law in good faith for however long the court has ruled. This can be between 6 months to multiple years.

If you fail to pay your insurance or maintain the state minimum limit for Liability Coverage, your Insurance Provider will notify the state, and you could face legal consequences.

The best answer to this question is: don’t expect to be.

When you sign up with an Insurance Provider, they will typically know about any accidents or tickets that have happened within the last 3 years by running your Driving Record with the DMV. 

However, if you had an accident or received a ticket before your driving record has been updated, omitting information about the incident could result in denial of coverage after another accident. 

It’s always best practice to notify your insurance agent of all incidents within the last 3 years.

Most Insurance Providers will give you a one-time freebie. If you miss another payment, expect to pay penalties or have your policy cancelled altogether.

A parking ticket will count for 1 point on your driving record. Anything higher than 1 point will increase your monthly premiums, so try your best to park responsibly.

Yes, you will likely pay a small fee to cancel your old contract.  

You may report a claim that happened in the past, as long as you are still with the same Insurance Provider and did not have a lapse in coverage.

Deductibles are charged any time you try to access your coverage. If you were not at-fault for an accident, your Insurance Provider may try to sue the third-party’s insurer to get your deductible refunded. If not, you can attempt to get your deductible money from the third-party yourself. 

If you are taking out a loan to purchase a new car, you will need Auto Insurance with Liability, Comprehensive, and Collision Coverage

Even though the state only requires liability, the Comprehensive and Collision Coverage will be required by the loan lender. This is why insurance is typically bought on-the-spot at a dealershop.

Some Insurance Providers have an associated high-risk department. You may have to pay a bit more for your insurance than the Average Joe.

Haven Insurance carries multiple providers that will insure a high-risk driver.