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Boat Insurance

Stay afloat with a policy for your boat. Cover your hull, trailer, and equipment for the absolute best price. 

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Why should you purchase Boat Insurance?

Piloting a boat is a great responsibility. Having proper insurance to protect you and your passengers is essential. 

Boat Insurance can protect you by providing financial relief from hull repair costs, damaged equipment, medical expenses, and more.

Let's take a closer look at coverages.

Liability Coverage covers hull repair costs, medical expenses, or general property damage of the other party if you caused an accident. 

Comprehensive Coverage covers the repair costs of your boat if it was damaged by anything other than a collision. This can include theft, vandalism, the environment, etc.

Collision Coverage covers the repair costs of your boat after it is damaged in a collision.

Uninsured/Underinsured Boater Coverage covers you for medical or boat repair expenses if the other party was at fault and doesn’t have enough insurance.

Equipment on your boat such as anchors, safety gear, or navigation equipment can be covered.

Belongings that aren’t directly attached to your boat or used for boating such as clothing, watches, phones, etc… can be insured with an endorsement.

Towing Coverage offers towing services to a nearby dock if you find yourself stranded. 

If you own a boat trailer that you’d like to insure, it can be added to your policy for a minimal amount.

Agreed Value Coverage

You and your Insurance Provider will decide on an Agreed Value of your boat. This means that if your boat has sunk or was completely destroyed, you will receive the full Agreed Value without any deductions or depreciation.

Are your Liability limits high enough?

Boats and yachts are high powered machines with a lot of weight behind them. A collision in the water can spell disaster for those on board. Make sure you have enough Liability Coverage to cover medical expenses and protect your hard earned money.

Haven Insurance recommends at least $50,000 in Liability Coverage per person, $100,000 in Liability Coverage per accident, and $50,000 for Property Damages. 

What kind of deductibles should you pay?

A deductible is the amount paid to your Insurance Provider to access your coverage.

Generally, higher deductibles will lower your monthly payments, and lower deductibles will raise your monthly payments.

Are you eligible for discounts?

Let’s see how you can save some money on your Boat Policy:

Boater's Safety Course Discount
Have you completed a certified Boater's Safety Course? Doing so gives you an opportunity to save!
Multi-policy Discount
Having a Homeowners Policy with the same Insurance Provider can save you a few bucks.
Multi-vessel Discount
Having more than one boat on your Boat Insurance policy qualifies for a discount. Adding additional vessel to the same policy can save you big time!
Automatic Payments Discount
Having your insurance premium withdrawn automatically each month will qualify you for an additional discount.