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Umbrella Insurance

An Umbrella Policy is always a good decision if you have many assets to protect. It’s an extension of personal liability that can save you from the worst financial catastrophes, and usually at a very affordable price.


Your Primary Policies (such as Auto and Homeowners) have a limit on Liability Coverage, so your personal assets are at risk if they’re cumulatively worth more than your Primary Policies could insure you for.

When you have Umbrella Insurance, your Liability Coverage is extended much higher – in most cases, you can receive $1,000,000 or more of coverage. 

Typically, you will be covered for everything that is already insured under your Auto and Homeowners/Renters Policies. In some cases, you can be covered for additional scenarios that are more uncommon, such as libel, slander, defamation, etc.

Umbrella Insurance
RV Insurance Discounts


Umbrella policies offer a wide range of discounts, especially for those with great credit or no prior claims. 

You could save if you haven’t haven’t had a claim or received a ticket within the last 3 years.

You could save if you haven’t haven’t had a Homeowners or Renters claim within the last 3 years.

If you’re above the age of 50, some Insurance Providers can provide you with a discount.

Do you always pay your bills on time? Having a great or excellent credit score can save you a few bucks.

Having more than one type of policy with your Insurance Provider will net you major savings. For instance, combining your RV, Auto, and Homeowners Insurance could potentially negate the cost of your Homeowners Insurance entirely.

Staying with the same Insurance Provider for 3+ years can earn you discounts for your loyalty.

Having your insurance premium withdrawn automatically each month will qualify you for an additional discount.


How do deductibles work for Umbrella Insurance?

Your Umbrella Policy may come with a deductible that needs to be met before your coverage is available, and it varies between insurance companies. 

If your Auto and Homeowners/Renters Liability Coverage limits are high enough, the deductible will be waived or paid for in full by your Primary Policies.

Umbrella Insurance Tip