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RV Insurance FAQ

Have some concerns about your coverage? QuoteHaven’s got the answers for commonly asked questions about RV Insurance. 

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No. Just like driving a car, you must have RV Insurance if you’re driving on public roads to protect yourself and others.

Yes, some companies offer Roadside Assistance for RV insurance.

There is also Emergency Expense Coverage which allows you to have your RV assisted or repaired by a third-party, then be reimbursed for it later by the Insurance Provider. 

This is especially useful if you’re in an area that your Insurance Provider does not provide assistance in.

Your RV is meant to be a “recreational vehicle”, so it will not be covered for work purposes under any Personal Lines type of policy. 

RV Insurance can cover your personal belongings, so Homeowners Insurance is not necessary. 

You and the Insurance Provider can agree upon specified months that your RV will be in use, allowing you to save some extra cash. 

When not in use, your RV should be stored safely and away from environmental damages to prevent denial of coverage.