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Referral Program

How it works: 

Refer a friend or family member to Haven Insurance Services. For each policy that your referral signs, we’ll issue you $20. The more policies they bundle, the more money you’ll earn. After confirmation of any signed policies from your referral, you will be issued a check-by-mail within 3 business days.


How to claim your money:

Your referral must mention you by first and last name. If you do not have a current policy with Haven Insurance, they will need to provide us with your contact information. If your referral is unable to share your information, you can give us a call to share your contact information yourself. Contact Us



If your referral does not sign a policy through Haven Insurance Services within 90 days of your reference, we cannot verify you as the source. To circumvent this, simply give us a call after the 90 days to inform us that you are still sponsoring a referral that has not yet signed a policy.